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20 years in the automotive industry...
As a boy who was raised in the automotive industry with my father who owned his own shop, I watched him not only fix cars but help people. Through honesty and hard work he made a name for himself in his community.

This is what I strived to be when getting into the automotive industry but I realized being in this corporate world I couldn’t help others in the community the way I wanted to. I stuck it out though and knew I wanted more.

I purchased my first investment property 10 years ago and this is when I realized that my heart just wasn’t into automotive anymore. Owning this house I was able to create a place for other families to live a comfortable and safe place. They had something to call home. I loved working on this house, cleaning, painting, mowing and landscaping it made me feel good inside. Watching the families walk out and feel proud that they live there made everything worth it. Tenants know they can call me for anything. I come over if they need help moving furniture, putting their ACs in or if they have any concerns they know I am a phone call away.

I finally made the decision to open a business in cleaning, building and everything in between and also fulfill my dream by enjoying what I truly love to do and that is to help others. Now as a multiple property owner it has become my life passion. From the everyday hanging up a picture to finding a contractor for a major renovation. I found myself as the homeowners liaison.

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